Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dexter series finale - all a big WTF

 This post contains spoilers about the series finale of Dexter 

Just finished watching the series finale of Dexter and I am so seriously pissed. I am even more pissed than the time after watching the Lost series finale. 

This show had definitely past its prime but I was still hopeful that the series finale would tie things up nicely if not satisfactorily, at least provide some closure for the fans. But noooo, the whole episode was just one big mind fuck. Pissed! Pissed! Pissed! 

I would have been happy with 
(i) everybody dead
(ii) everybody not dead + happily ever after
(iii) Dexter dead
(iv) everybody dead but Dexter (in a twisted denial of happiness ending)
(v) fade to black on an ambiguous ending
(vi) Hell, suddenly go black a-la Sopranos. 

so you see, I'm good, I'm flexible, you had options writers!

Things that made me go WTF!?

1) They killed Oliver Saxon like what? Halfway through the episode? At least it felt like halfway through cause the rest of the ep after that just dragged on FOREVER unnecessarily.

2) WTF was up with Masuka's daughter?? Why the hell did they intro her as a character at all if they weren't going to build anything of it? Was it just for the excuse of showing us her titties in that titty bar scene? Hell, they weren't even all that great!

3) The final scene of Dexter at the log cabin. Who else was like "Holy Brokeback Mountain scene stealing shit!"?

4) WTF did Debra say to Quinn at the hospital as they're wheeling her away?

5) So, basically, Dexter was able to unplug the ventilator without any alarms going off, wheel Deb out of the hospital IN FRONT of all those people (when he clearly was not staff), pick her up and carry her to the boat and NO ONE stops him or even flinches!? I'm all for suspending belief but this is freaking fantasy land!

6) GSR test on Saxon hours and hours later!? Writers, you could have at least have the decency to come up with a more credible excuse!

7) How fucking impotent is Angel? He's the biggest easy-going, hippie police captain on TV I've ever seen.

8) What freaking rhyme or reason is there for Dexter to give Deb a sea burial?And he somehow manages to utterly destroy his boat but still make it out alive?

Only Hannah McKay somehow manages to come out of this still smelling like roses. She didn't do anything out of her character and Yvonne Strahovski is at the very least, easy on the eyes.

Goodbye Dexter. Good luck on your new role as Paul Bunyan.

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