Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Femme Fatale - Winter Hyacinth

A gorgeous, gorgeous teal jelly glitter polish that I swatched for Food Allergy Awareness Week. This is Femme Fatale - Winter Hyacinth, a perfect combination of a feminine and eye-catching polish.

This lovely is chock full of hex, round and diamond-shaped glitters in magenta and white. The way the texture of the jelly polish envelopes the glitters is soft and multi-layered at the same time.

This is a perfect "Spring" polish!

Monday, May 13, 2013

SGSwatchFest Mothers' Day mani

These textured polishes are everywhere. Most of the major brands are dabbling in it, most notably OPI with their Liquid Sand offerings.

JulieG's textured polishes, are from their limited edition Frosted Gum Drops collection retailed by Jesse's Girl. Unfortunately, limited edition also means they're pretty much sold out so I'm really happy I managed to snag some before they were gone!

Anyhoo, I decided to use Hot Cinnamon, the textured red in the collection as the primary colour for this SGSwatchFest Mothers' Day mani, with an attempted gradient using  Crushed Candy (the purple) and Sugar Rush (the orange). I dragged the colour too far up the nail though so it looks like the gradient is covering half the nail! Oops!

Crushed Candy, the purple polish has lovely tiny silver glitter flecks that make the polish that much more interesting and sparkly, so I just had to add an inset picture to highlight it!

Here's the finished look:

Hope everyone had a great Mothers' Day weekend!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Polish Together - Earth Day 2013

My Earth Day mani featuring the awesome holo that is Nubar Reclaim. 

Any of the polishes from the Nubar 'Going Green' collection would be suitable for this theme but there are none with all the holo goodness of Reclaim!

It's much easier to find holographic polishes of every colour under the rainbow these days but back when Reclaim was released, it definitely commanded attention with its unusual green hue.

Some theme-appropriate nail art thrown in there. I hope they are decent enough to be recognisable! ;)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Polish Days - The Number 5

My first foray into the world of nail blogging and what better way to start things off than by doing a Polish Days event?
OK here goes, 7-May Tue and the theme is “The Number 5″.
Say what? Hmm, after thinking about it a bit, it really can be a very wide theme. There are so many things/ events/ in the world that are related to the number 5.
What I settled on in the end is something I’m pretty pleased about, something that ties in well with the theme at hand and also with my heritage: The Five Elements!
The Five Elements, in Chinese astrology are: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water - better known in Chinese as 五行 which loosely translates as The Five States.
五行 is represented by the following Chinese characters:
(wood),  (fire), (earth),  (metal),   (water)
all of which have a correlationship with each other.

Here’s a nifty graphic showing how all all the elements are linked to each other in multiple ways and the colours associated with each element.

Enough talk, here's my mani!

I decided it would be best to go with a white base as a neutral canvas for the rest of the nail art.

And I only decided to add in the Chinese characters halfway through my mani. So if the placement of the characters looks strange or off-center, that's why. :)

The Chinese character for metal (金) literally means gold so I drew a gold ingot!

Each of the Chinese characters is written in the corresponding element colour. Metal was a challenge! Trying to fit that many strokes into such a tight space was really difficult, even with my deliberately unproportionate ingot.

I'm not going to go into too much explanation. Hopefully, what I've drawn is legible enough!

Check out all the other creations of the creative ladies taking part in this Polish Days below.