Wednesday, September 11, 2013

31DC2013 Day 8 : Metallic < with this ring I thee wed >

A short post today then back to catching up for 31DC2013.

The challenge for 31DC2013 Day 8 is Metallic. So I thought silver glitter is a great representation of the theme and Essie's 'Set in Stones' is also a pretty appropriately named polish. After all, we often refer to diamonds as 'rocks' right? :P

'Set in Stones' is housed in a clear base so I had the opportunity to layer it over other pretty polishes! I chose 
Hare Polish - King of Carat Flowers and 
Different Dimension - Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

The number 9 means 'long time' in Mandarin Chinese. So the 9th of September is an especially popular wedding date for a lot of Chinese couples. Monday 9-9-2013 was the wedding for one of the MOTH's friends so I specially did some wedding-themed nail art for the occasion. 

It was a happy coincidence that there was metal in the nail art in the form of the wedding rings. So the whole mani tied together very nicely.

'Set in Stones' makes it look so super sparkly! Unfortunately that didn't really translate well in the photos but on the upside, you get to see the pretty glitters from 'King of Carat Flowers'!

I think the overall effect so pretty! Subscribe to my blog posts so you don't miss all my manis for 31DC2013!

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