Sunday, July 21, 2013

Polish Together - International Ice Cream Day 2013

Oh, what really says summer better than picnics, ice cold drinks and ice-cream?

21 Jul 2013 is International Ice Cream Day and our theme for this Polish Together event. Woah, ice-cream! The possibilities are endless, what with the menagerie of flavours and toppings available out there.

I was looking through pictures of ice-cream on the internet for some inspiration for this theme and pictures of my favourite brand of ice-cream kept popping up. So I thought, why not try to do a nail art design inspired by the artwork on the ice-cream tub?

So here's a picture of the artwork of my favourite brand of ice-cream.

And here are the nails inspired by it.

These nails represent my favourite ice-cream flavour from Ben & Jerry's! Can you make the connection to the tub design? :D

Have a great ice-cream filled summer everyone!

polishes used
blue:   Nubar - Faded Jeans
beige: OPI - My Vampire Is Buff