Sunday, June 16, 2013

Polish Together - June birthstone: Pearl

Our original SG girls swatching initiative: SGSwatchfest has now evolved into a more inclusive theme for nail polish 'aficionados' worldwide. Our new tag on Instagram is now PolishTogether and we've also decided to have a regular monthly PolishTogether theme of Birthstones!

The birthstone for June is the classic "pearl".
Here was our Instagram spread-the-word post:

I usually try to bust out some nail art for the PolishTogether events but i couldn't really come up with a good concept, using pearls as a literal theme. So I went with word play on the word "pearl" and decided to create some nail art using characters from one of my favourite comic strips Pearls Before Swine!

These are what the main characters look like.

Notice they all have noses and ears that extend wayyy out, so there's no way I could have drawn them the regular way, right side up, cuticle to tip. Instead, I turned my hand on its side and drew the characters landscape fashion.

If you're not familiar with the comic strip, Larry the crocodile is a dimwitted, reptilian version of Homer Simpson (with a wife that has a beehive to rival Marge Simpson's!) and he is forever trying to devise ways to catch and eat his "zeeba" neighbour, who of course always stays well out of Larry's clutches. Here is basically their story, on my nails.

Please pardon the blotchy base colour. I used Essence's "Hello Marshmallow". It was an absolute nightmare to work with! Formula was gloopy and it kept flooding my cuticles! Grrr! Please try to overlook the uneven edges of the base polish.

What do you think? Personally, I'm REALLY REALLY happy with how they turned out! I think this is my best nail art to date!

Another look at my creation.

Of course improvements can still be made. My lines could be sharper and I could be neater in my painting. I will try to improve on those!

Let me know what you think!

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